Sandra Bullock’s Awesome Romantic Comedies

When the name Sandra Bullock is heard, the first thing that always comes to mind is rom-coms. She is the personification of romantic comedies because of her wit, her ability to deliver a line, and her overall aura as a woman who is not a damsel in distress but a strong-will person who is very hard to break yet still open for the opportunity to love. Her characters, although different in nature, can still relate to one another. Our website traffic visitors per day will be glad to know that she is one of the celebrities on our top list of the most-liked people in Hollywood. You can go and read that article after checking out first our list of Sandra Bullock’s romantic comedy movies.

The Proposal (2009)

The movie stars Sandra Bullock as the editor of a famous publishing company and Ryan Reynolds as his assistant. Margaret Tate, played by Sandra Bullock, is an executive who was found to have no supporting papers in her stay in the US. Because of this, she needs to be deported back to Canada. To absolve herself from her predicament, she said to her boss that she was going to marry Andrew Paxton, her assistant. Paxton, played by Reynolds, was going to have a get together in his hometown of Sitka, Alaska. The problem of telling his family that he is getting married plus a few more challenges make the movie one heck of a rollercoaster ride. If you have gone to an Amsterdam canal tour city centre sights, then you know how fun the movie would be.

Two Weeks Notice (2002)

This is a 2002 romantic comedy movie about a billionaire who was looking for a competent lawyer who has the abilities to actually help him in different legal matters. George Wade, played by Hugh Grant, is the brother of the head of the billion-dollar company who wants to get the community center and build from it. Lucy Kelson, played by Bullock, on the other hand, is a liberal lawyer who wants to preserve the history of the center as one of the famous sights. Their fate seemed to have met one another in an attempt to fix everything up according to their personal goals only to wind up in each other’s arms.

3 thoughts on “Sandra Bullock’s Awesome Romantic Comedies”

  1. Kornelia says:

    I just love Sandra Bullock. From the first time I saw her in Speed, I know that she is going to be big in Hollywood. And she still is. Her name brings in millions of moviegoers to flock to the cinemas to see her perform. She really encapsulates what it means to be the woman counterpart of rom-coms.

  2. Matthijn Busch says:

    I agree. I also love her and her movies. I think I saw Two Week Notice thrice in the movies. This is not only because of her but also because of the good soundtrack of the movie. Nevertheless, she is one of the glamor girls that will always remind us everything how possible it is to fall in love.

  3. Gülden Boonstoppel says:

    If only we can be in love like Sandra Bullock is in her movies. All the events around the character conspire to make the encounter between the protagonists probable. One day, I can tell my story of how I fell in love with the way Sandra Bullock did in the movies.

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